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Digital Karma is an Auckland Web Design agency that delivers cost effective web design, app development, SEO, Search Marketing and Social Media Management services to small and medium sized businesses as well as start ups. Our services are competitively priced to ensure that your business gets the digital presence it needs now at costs you can easily absorb.

Digital Karma specialize in Open-Source technology utilizing HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and more to develop cross platform solutions that will work and scale on any device running any operating system. We design websites, develop mobile apps, integrate platforms such as Xero, Vend (Partner), Salesforce, Zendesk and more for complete online/offline synchronization. 

We work with modern and future-proof web platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal as Content Management Systems. Our E-Commerce solutions include powerful and flexible systems based on Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and more.

Digital Karma also provide comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Marketing (Google Adwords) services. We have proven our SEO abilities with numerous clients who have achieved high SERP's and first page rank on Google in some of Auckland's most competitive search keywords and phrases. Digital Karma is an approved Google Adwords Partner and we can offer new clients free Google Adwords advertising credit.

Latest Blogs

6 Tips For Top Title Tags
SIR Paul McCartney, DR. Phil, DAME Julie Andrews, PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking… Titles bring instant prestige, power, and credibility. They MEAN SOMETHING. But what about SEO titles? A title tag is the text that describes your webpage. It appears in browser tabs, on search engine results pages, and on external social media websites. So, you can assume it’s pretty important for SEO as well.
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Compass Communications
Compass Communications is a 100% kiwi owned independent internet and telecommunications service provider. In 1995, Compass began providing fax broadcast services to business customers. Now, Compass is the longest-standing competitor to Spark in the New Zealand telecommunications market. Digital Karma designed and developed the Compass Communications website on an enterprise CMS.
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8 Hereford
With a background encompassing some of New Zealand’s most impressive developments since 1992, Tawera Group takes pride in using the best of the best to create truly stunning properties. They invest time in handpicking prestigious teams for their projects that include award-winning architects, interior designers, project managers and construction firms. All of whom work together to make their vision come alive. Their key endeavour is to stay at the cutting edge of property trends, and the awards won by each of their developments speak for themselves. As New Zealand’s leading boutique apartment developer, they are dedicated to producing dwellings that are comfortable and stylish, as well as built to last. It comes as no surprise that Tawera projects seldom become available on the secondary market. And when they do, they are keenly sought after.
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5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Website Traffic
It has become critical for all businesses to have a thriving online presence, and, for businesses who conduct themselves exclusively online, driving traffic to your website is the lifeblood on which your livelihood depends for survival. Many Auckland, New Zealand business owners struggle with figuring out which strategies for marketing and driving traffic to your website are the most dependable and will yield long-term results that will sustain their business for the future. In my experience in building successful online companies in New Zealand and Australia and helping other business owners build their own online presence, I have tested and perfected the most dependable and sustainable marketing strategies for creating a successful online presence.
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7 Small Business SEO Tips for Auckland, New Zealand
As a small business owner in Auckland, New Zealand you need to consider one simple but very important fact. When people perform a search in a major search engine for your products or services only one of two outcomes is possible: they will find your website, or they will find your competitors.
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